Smartphone Photography for your business

//Smartphone Photography for your business

Smartphone Photography for your business

Why Smartphone Photography?

After many years in the business of corporate photography, and listening to the needs of various business owners, I saw a gap in the market which I felt held huge potential.  It’s because of this exciting opportunity that I started running my Smartphone Photography workshops.  So, what exactly are these courses, and why should your business consider booking one?

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Size doesn’t matter

No matter how big or small your business is, social media plays a massive part in your promotion, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter updates, blog posts or Linked-in articles, each platform needs good imagery to support the posts.  So, how can you create positive, individual images to keep your feed fresh and current?


You may spend hours searching stock images, checking the usage rights, and paying a fortune for licence of use.  You could hire a professional photographer to capture the images you want, but this can also be costly and they may not always be on hand for those ‘on the spot’ posts you want to do.


Or…. you could do it yourself.  If you have a Smartphone, then you have the technology at hand to take good quality, eye-catching images.  Once you understand the basics of photography – composition, eye-lines, exposure – this knowledge can be transferred to any form of camera.  Yes, a Smartphone does have some limitations, but for social media posts, these are more than adequate for the perfect post for your business.

Advantages of Smartphone Photography

So, what are the advantages of creating your own company photography?  Have you thought about all those budding photographers surrounding you in the workplace?  Involving your staff and getting them to take part in a monthly competition – the best photo winning a prize (it doesn’t have to be an expensive prize – even a packet of Jelly Babies can be enough) – can be a great team-building exercise and lots of fun.  If you have your social media themes planned out for the year, it can help focus on what images you are looking for.  I can even help you to think about these monthly/quarterly themes.  Share this with your team so they know what to look out for when out and about and they will be more focussed when taking their photos.


Secondly, you don’t have to worry about paying for licences for the image usage.  You ought to make everyone submitting images aware that you have unlimited usage rights, and if you want to use them for a wider audience you will need get their permission.  I would imagine they may be quite flattered to see their images representing your company.


What to expect?

During my Smartphone Photography workshops we will look at how to expose and compose images, taking into account the lighting and rule of thirds.  We will talk about how to edit the images on your phone so they are ready to send to either your Social Media Manager or straight to your social media accounts.

Your brand

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We will discuss how to keep your images ‘on brand’ so they are instantly recognisable, and how to add text to support any event or launch you would like to promote.   Your staff will learn how to create stunning images for your social media, and it is also a great team building activity, bringing everyone together.

Designed to benefit you

Whether you are a restaurant or pub wanting to showcase your menu, an online or physical retail shop looking to update customers on your stock, a holiday home or park wanting to show off your accommodation, or a large company hoping to create a constant stream of social media posts, get in touch to find out how you and your staff can benefit from a Smartphone Photography workshop, tailor made to your business.


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