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‘I love my iPhone;  it’s great to have a camera around all the time’…Win Butler

Smartphone photography workshops for your business

Showing you how to shoot high quality social media images on your smartphone, and in the process, keep marketing costs down and your content unique.  Whether it’s for a team building event, corporate away day or in-house training, I can show you how to take the best images on your smartphone which can then instantly be shared on your social media platforms, saving you a fortune on stock images or professional photography fees.  We live in an instant world, and the high quality images we create not only have to reflect your corporate branding, but also pass the swipeability test.

For charities who visit underprivileged areas

A smartphone is more discrete than an expensive camera, and most importantly, the people on the ground can document what is happening themselves.  Your team can deliver emotive images straight to your marketing manager, or even directly on to your social media platforms, as events unfold.

What to expect

Every session is bespoke to the client and the topics we can cover  include how to combat tricky lighting situations, how to style a photo, how to set up flat-lays (shooting set layouts from above), and how to shoot events.   If relevant, products can be brought along to look at how to photograph them using the best light available.  

Who is it for?

These workshops are for anyone who uses, or wants to start using, their smartphone camera to take photos for their social media.  No experience is necessary, and all you need is a fully charged smartphone (any make) with space to take and edit photos on.   

Email to discuss your corporate requirements.