Smartphone photography Christmas ideas

//Smartphone photography Christmas ideas

Smartphone photography Christmas ideas

If you are looking to get the ‘person who has everything’ a Christmas present, then why not have a look at some of these smartphone photography gift ideas.

For all these suggestions below, please do check that they are compatible with your smartphone.  

First stop…

 How about a gift voucher for a 1:1 (or 1:2) Smartphone Safari, either in London or Hertfordshire (other locations are available upon request).  

These bespoke 1:1 smartphone photography sessions are great for people who have a fabulous smartphone camera, but have no idea how to get the best out of it.  Both the London and the Hertfordshire sessions are designed to learn how to take better photos on a smartphone using the basic principals of photography, how to use the camera to its full potential, and how to edit your photos using one of the best (free) editing apps around.  The recipient can choose whether they want to photograph the Southbank, Soho or Shoreditch, or St Albans, Harpenden, or even along the canal in Hemel – or even suggest a location of your own.  

Prices are £75 for a location in Hertfordshire (and bring along one other person for £35 extra), or £95 for the London one (£45 extra for an additional person).  It also includes one hot drink.   Buy your voucher via the link on the Group Workshops page.  

Best for quality

 If you want your photos to have the best quality, then have a look at Moment lenses.  Moment lenses attach onto a special photo case instead of clipping on like the more traditional ones.  The most advanced Moment lens interface is built straight into the case so your phone is always lens ready. The camera strap attachment on the bottom enables you to attach a strap and wear your phone like a traditional camera (they have thought of everything!!!).  

Whether you use your phone for video or photography, the Moment lens system is exceptional in both design and quality, using the best technology  to produce stunning clarity and detail.  They aren’t cheap (in comparison to the traditional clip on lenses), but still cheaper than a DSLR system!!!  The macro lens is on my Christmas list this year.  Check out the website for details on the Moment lens system, as well as photography tips, phone reviews and even photography trips – and all for your smartphone.


Best for flatlays

This Rumcent Telescopic Gooseneck floor stand is perfect for shooting flatlays.  The head can rotate round so the camera is pointing directly at the floor, meaning you can ensure your photo is at the right angle.  Use it with the bluetooth shutter remote, and it means you won’t have to worry about camera shaking, as well as being able to see what is going on from a ‘bird’s eye’ angle.  

Shop for it here on Amazon


Stocking fillers

This Apexel APL-DG10 10 in 1 lens kit is a great all-rounder, and especially for teens.  It’s also an amazing price for what you get.

Included in the set is a hard-backed carry case, one lens clip, wide and macro detachable lens, star filter, 2 x kaleidoscope, fisheye, radial, flow, CPL and a telephone lens.  The quality isn’t bad for the price – and the macro is especially impressive.  Available from Amazon


Luxsure Rechargeable Selfie Light – 3 modes of adjustable LED brightness.  Also comes with a wide angle and macro lens (which is an added bonus!!!).  Not only great for making you look fabulous in your selfies, it also works well as an additional light source when you need it.  Available from Amazon  



Go Free mini tripod and bluetooth remote shutter.  Great for when you need a steady hand, with the added bonus of the Bluetooth shutter included.  Small enough to carry around with you too, and can also be bent into different positions if needed.   Available from Amazon.



Lensball – Lensball is a great way to get those creative, artistic shots.  The scene inside the perfectly formed glass ball is upside down, whereas everything else is the right way up.  They have also just launched a stand to position it on, which helps – a lot!!!   Shop for it here    




All of the above suggestions can be integrated into any of my 1:1 sessions or Smartphone Safaris.  Please email me here if you would like any more information, or head on over to my Group Workshops page.

Please note I have no affiliation with any of the products or company’s mentioned above, and these recommendations are based purely on personal preference.  As mentioned, make sure whatever you are buying is compatible with the smartphone you are intending to use it on.