It’s not just a pat on the back…

//It’s not just a pat on the back…

It’s not just a pat on the back…

I’ve just got round to doing a testimonial page on the website.  I hate the word ‘testimonial’.  It sounds too corporate, too clinical – too boring!!!  Instead I’ve called it ‘Happy clients and lovely words’.  Possibly a bit naff for some, but at least it ‘does what it says on the tin’ so to speak.

It’s taken a long time to put this on.  Not because I didn’t have any happy clients(!!!), but because I hated asking for feedback.  I am typically British you see.  If I don’t like a meal in a restaurant, I’ll smile sweetly to the waiter whilst saying how lovely it was.  If I don’t like a haircut, I’ll say it looks fantastic whilst secretly crying inside, and if I don’t like the service I have received in a shop, I’ll quietly tutt to myself and leave whilst having an imaginary conversation about what I WOULD have said if I was brave enough.

Asking for feedback is not about giving yourself a pat on the back or fluffing up your ego.  It’s about engaging with your clients, asking them what they really thought, and if they had any comments about how you could improve/change what you are doing.  It’s also a way for potential clients to see that other people were happy with your work.  Of course, I could have made them all up, however I am hoping that by putting the web links of each company next to the comment, this validates them to some extent.

So while it was very much out of my comfort zone to ask some of my previous clients for feedback, I hope it shows others that I am good at what I do, as well as reinforcing to myself that I am good at what I do!!!  People are wary about spending money on workshops (even if it will save them a fortune on their marketing costs in the long run by doing their own social media photography – plug, plug), so by offering up examples of how my workshops have benefitted some companies, the fact that I am professional, and most importantly, ‘know my onions’, should help alleviate some sort of doubt amongst people who have come across me via Google and not a personal recommendation.

If you haven’t done so already, ask your clients for feedback, and especially for ‘lovely words’ you can put on your website. My next job is to try and navigate Google and set up Google Reviews – and then try and pluck up the courage to ask people to post on there.  Wish me luck on that one!!!

You can see some of my ‘lovely comments’ here, or on the Comments section of my Facebook page.