Instagram is just for the younger generation isn’t it?

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Instagram is just for the younger generation isn’t it?


A couple of years ago, Instagram was seen as a platform for the younger generation – teenagers wanting to practice their pouting selfies or celebrities endorsing big brands.  To an extent, this still seems to be the opinion of many, but these stats from two Instagram accounts I manage show that the tide is turning.

It’s really interesting to see that the  25-34+ age ranges are significantly higher than the 13-17 age bracket.  A lot of your followers will obviously depend on what business you are in, but it is encouraging to see that the post-teen age group are engaging in Instagram.

So, don’t dismiss Instagram just because you don’t think it will reach your demographic.  Research your hashtags (use the HashTagged app to save you having to remember them), Geotag wherever possible and organically gain your followers.  With the new Facebook algorithm changes potentially having a major change in what you can see in your feed, you may want to embrace Instagram sooner rather than later.  However, don’t rest on your laurels; as Facebook owns Instagram, I’m pretty sure changes to Instagram are on the horizon, but for now keep posting good quality content to get noticed and engage with your followers.

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