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How to shake the virus? Marketing post Coronavirus

It's a bit surreal at the moment isn't it.  Both for personal and business.  Anyone else freak out when you see someone sneeze?  Gone are the days when you say a polite 'Bless You'.  Now you run away as quick as you can!!!  And don't get me started on food shopping.  It's like an episode of Supermarket Sweep... As business owners we need to stop,

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Tackling mental health at work one photo at a time

How many of you do the same trip to and from work, at the same time, walking past the same things, and probably passing the same people, without actually seeing anything?   You are on autopilot. And when it comes to lunchtime, more and more people are staying in the office and eating their lunch at their desk.   In 2016, an article by EmployeeBenefits.co.uk

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It’s not just a pat on the back…

I've just got round to doing a testimonial page on the website.  I hate the word 'testimonial'.  It sounds too corporate, too clinical - too boring!!!  Instead I've called it 'Happy clients and lovely words'.  Possibly a bit naff for some, but at least it 'does what it says on the tin' so to speak. It's taken a long time to put this on.  Not

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And the Bronze award goes to…

Back in September, I took part in the first London Urban Photo Race.  The concept is genius.  A photo marathon - 12 hours, 1 city, 6 themes and 18 photos. 'Throughout the day participants were challenged to make a photo series (3 photos per theme) within a given time limit. These themes were disclosed at scheduled checkpoints throughout London, the purpose being to give participants

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Smartphone photography Christmas ideas

If you are looking to get the 'person who has everything' a Christmas present, then why not have a look at some of these smartphone photography gift ideas. For all these suggestions below, please do check that they are compatible with your smartphone.   First stop...  How about a gift voucher for a 1:1 (or 1:2) Smartphone Safari, either in London or Hertfordshire (other locations

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Smartphone Photography for your business

Why Smartphone Photography? After many years in the business of corporate photography, and listening to the needs of various business owners, I saw a gap in the market which I felt held huge potential.  It's because of this exciting opportunity that I started running my Smartphone Photography workshops.  So, what exactly are these courses, and why should your business consider booking one? Size doesn't matter

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Top Tip Tuesday – Long Exposure

To get that beautiful, silky effect of long exposure images, you would normally have to have a tripod, and a very steady hand.  On the iPhone 7 (and higher), if you have updated to  IOS 11 or above, you can achieve this without the need for extra equipment. First of all, make sure your camera setting is on 'Live' mode (top, middle icon next to

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Instagram is just for the younger generation isn’t it?

  A couple of years ago, Instagram was seen as a platform for the younger generation - teenagers wanting to practice their pouting selfies or celebrities endorsing big brands.  To an extent, this still seems to be the opinion of many, but these stats from two Instagram accounts I manage show that the tide is turning. It's really interesting to see that the  25-34+ age ranges

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Top Tip Tuesday – How to capture action shots on an iPhone

Here is a top tip when trying to get those tricky action shots. Either do a burst of photos (keep your finger on the shutter button so it keeps shooting until you take your finger off), or do a slow-motion video of the action. If you do a burst, first of all review your photos.  To do this (on an iPhone), click on the first

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Happy 2018

I have been meaning to blog for ages, and just never got round to it.  Jeanette Lendon Photography (JLP) is branching out into something a bit different, and this year is the year to make it go big.  My Instagram and Smartphone Photography workshops and webinars will be running alongside my corporate and commercial photography, which is very exciting.   A few years ago I

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